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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1323 – Lucky Dodge pine obese
Friend Develop: Wings
Zhou Wen thought of where he may get some more fortunate equipment.
Loss Harbinger Crow: Mortal stage.
The Heavenly Robe fluttered as being the Terror-grade Frost Bullet brushed previous his sleeve and smacked the aluminum building’s wall membrane, generating an ice fog.
Nevertheless, he didn’t dare make confirmation. He took another photo for an experiment, and the man actually dodged it once more.
Obviously, it is essential was the Incredible Robe. It experienced a particular Lucky Avoid capacity. Given that the Luck stat been working, it might dodge strikes that were originally impossible to avoid.
Zhou Wen thought about where he might get a lot more lucky apparatus.
Zhou Wen sensed as if he acquired enjoyed a Ginseng Fresh fruits as he noticed so secure.
Without the need of continuous the exam, Zhou Wen killed the Wonderful Challenge G.o.ds one by one. He sought to see if the Incredible Robe could avoid the Calamity-class bullets.
Chapter 1323: Fortunate Dodge
Each Mythical Friend Beasts were actually the Fortunate enough Material Sprite along with the Fortunate Clover California king. Similar to the Child Tiger, they had a Chance Life Providence, however they additional much more Chance compared to the Child Tiger.
I have to get some more lucky tools to try it out. Potentially I will really dodge the Calamity-quality bullets with 100% confidence.
Section 1323: Fortunate Dodge
siam house
Zhou Wen dodged more than a hundred bullets without getting strike.
On the experience of the Calamity-standard bullet, Zhou Wen hadn’t successfully dodged it as soon as.
This Fatality Harbinger Crow may be strange. It’s clearly a low-stage Mortal Companion Monster and doesn’t possess any Evolvable stat, but it actually has all its statistics at 11. This is really uncommon.
the midden dark door key
This Fatality Harbinger Crow turns out to be unusual. It is plainly the lowest-degree Mortal Associate Monster and doesn’t have any Evolvable stat, but it really actually has all of its statistics at 11. This is definitely uncommon.
Heart and soul Strength: 11
What Zhou Wen desired to evaluation was regardless of whether the other pieces of Good luck equipment on him would have an impact on Heavenly Robe’s capability to dodge.
Remarkable! Can it be by investing in the augmentation of most this fortunate devices, Perfect Robe’s Privileged Dodge has achieved completely?
Zhou Wen dodged greater than a hundred bullets without being success.
He experienced even utilised the Young lady Good luck Pendant that Jing Daoxian acquired offered him to achieve this type of effect. For just a moment, he didn’t know where he could easily get privileged Mate Beasts.
Return To Bachelor Moon
Sacred sh*t… I really dodged it… I’ve struck the jackpot now… Using this type of divine artifact on me… What’s there to get scared of a Calamity-grade bullet..
I have to get a lot more successful tools to give it a try. Probably I could really avoid the Calamity-standard bullets with completely certainty.
Zhou Wen thought for a moment and hatched the Passing away Harbinger Crow plus the other Fortune Partner Ovum.
Zhou Wen stood there without the need of shifting. The Incredible Robe on his body appeared to relocate without the wind, creating him seem like an immortal. The bullet strangely circled around Zhou Wen’s human body and forgotten.
Zhou Wen didn’t move. He experienced occur purely to play with it. Even though he was photo to fatality, he had no aim of switching.
Zhou Wen casually wiped out each of the Precious metal Guards and patiently waited for those Golden Challenge G.o.d to look.
Zhou Wen was substantially more glad.
Zhou Wen casually killed all the Precious metal Guards and waited for that Gold Fight G.o.d appearing.
Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised at the Mortal Companion Monster. This is considering that the Partner Beast didn’t use a Fortune stat. In terms of why it turned out sent around as a Good luck Companion Monster, Zhou Wen thought so it acquired something connected to its skill.
Nonetheless, he didn’t dare make affirmation. He took another shot for an play around, in which he actually dodged it once again.
Chapter 1323: Privileged Dodge
Zhou Wen idea for a moment and hatched the Loss of life Harbinger Crow and the other Fortune Associate Ovum.
With a gunshot, Zhou Wen observed the blood vessels-coloured avatar’s travel explode when the screen journeyed dark.
Rate: 11
Zhou Wen observed just like he obtained ingested a Ginseng Fresh fruits while he felt so comfortable.
I need to get some more lucky apparatus to give it a go. Probably I can really avoid the Calamity-grade bullets with 100% confidence.
The laugh on his facial area instantly turned into impact as his lips remained agape.
Zhou Wen calmed down and imagined thoroughly. He could dodge the primary two pictures and the thirdly picture was about the same durability because the first two photos. He observed that since the 3rd picture wasn’t the certain-wipe out seventh, the reason why he couldn’t avoid this shot was probably since he didn’t have plenty of chance. When experiencing the Calamity-quality creature, his Fortunate enough Dodge wasn’t 100% successful.
Const.i.tution: 11
Zhou Wen dodged more than a hundred bullets without being struck.
Zhou Wen endured there while not switching. The Heavenly Robe on his body system appeared to move with virtually no breeze, creating him appear like an immortal. The bullet strangely circled around Zhou Wen’s physique and overlooked.

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